A Charitable Foundation For Cats Built On Algorand

We have one goal: to improve the lives of cats & kittens around us.

Based out of the Netherlands, AlgoMeow is dedicated to putting cats into loving forever homes while improving the lives of our community cats.

View of Maastricht and the medieval bridge over the River Meuse
📍Maastricht, NL

MEOW Rescue Foundation

Stichting MEOW Rescue is our charitable foundation based in the Netherlands. We direct money & supplies to cat shelters, working towards starting our own!

White Paper

Our official white paper detailing the the goals of this project, roadmap, and tokenomics of the MEOW ASA. Think of it as the manifesto for AlgoMeow!

MEOW Token

MEOW is a cryptocurrency token built on Algorand

ASA ID: 361806984

About AlgoMeow

Cat Rescue Initiatives on the Blockchain

All around the world countless cats lack care, while shelters are unable to provide and account for them all. Although there’s plenty of cat-lovers around the world that would love to become new owners, shelters are materially constrained by the donations they receive and the volunteers willing to help.

AlgoMeow was started to solve this problem and leverage the power of DeFi to direct resources to these programs in an open and transparent manner. 

We set out to achieve these goals:


Donations to Shelters

Collectible NFTs

Collectible NFTs



Public & Transparent Ledger

Public & Transparent Ledger

Volunteer playing with cat in animal shelter


Why Algorand?

We love cats and we love the planet. Algorand is highly energy efficient using Pure Proof of Stake to secure the network. What little energy it does use, Algorand has offset to become a carbon-negative blockchain.

In addition to its environmental friendliness, we’ve chosen Algorand as the ideal blockchain on which to build AlgoMeow due to its security, scalability, and decentralization.

Algorand as Our Public Ledger

We’re using Algorand to host an ongoing public record of the material impacts we make with our foundation. Transparency is important to us, and an immutable blockchain is our means of staying accountable to the public.

Donation receipts and all certificates relating to the onboarding, treatment, and adoption of cats under our care will be publicly minted on the Algorand ledger.


  • Completed

    Debut airdrop of the MEOW ASA

    v1 Website Launch

    First donations to cat shelters in NL

    MEOW Verification on AlgoExplorer

    Build Core AlgoMeow Team

    v2 Website Revamp

    Algorand Official Verification

  • In Progress

    Establish MEOW Rescue Foundation

    Community Fundraising Events

    AlgoMeow Collectible Cat NFTs

    Sponsor TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Efforts in Maastricht

  • Future

    NFT Prize Games

    Virtual AlgoMeow NFT Display Rooms

    Coalition with Charitable Algorand ASAs

    Establish a Cat Shelter in Maastricht

Small kitten in the hands of doctor

Where the AL-goes

Distribution of all donations

How do we plan to distribute ALGO donations? Glad you asked!


Direct Shelter Donations

Direct donations of money & supplies to cat shelters in the Netherlands


MEOW Rescue Cat Shelter Fund

Our savings fund to eventually establish our own cat shelter in the Netherlands!


$MEOW Liquidity Wallet

We've set aside 20% (2 Billion) of the $MEOW Supply to add to the Tinyman liquidity pool.