How to Buy

Swap ALGO for MEOW

MEOW Token on Tinyman Exchange

Tinyman is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) native to Algorand, allowing you to exchange any Algorand asset in its liquidity pools.


Algorand Wallet

You will need an Algorand Wallet that can add ASAs (Algorand Standard Assets)

The Official Algorand Wallet and MyAlgo are the most commonly used


Buy Algorand

You need to add at least 1 ALGO to the wallet. You can get Algorand at most of the major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or KuCoin.

After buying ALGO, withdraw it from the exchange to your personal wallet.


Add MEOW to Wallet

Add the AlgoMeow ASA in your Algorand Wallet.

You can search for AlgoMeow after selecting “Add New Asset” and you’re good to go!


Buy on Tinyman

Connect your wallet to Tinyman, then go to swap and search for AlgoMeow (Asset ID: 361806984) Alternatively, use the link below for ease of access.

You can now trade ALGO for AlgoMeow!

Buy with AlgoSwap

If you’ve done all the above steps already, you can buy AlgoMeow from Tinyman directly with AlgoSwap! Try it out!